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  distributors for its new anti-malarial drug: ARTESUNATE TABLET.

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1. Name and Chemical Structure
Generic Name: Artesunate
Chemical Name: Dihydroartemisinine-10-a-Swccinate
Molecular Formula: C19H28O8 = 383.43

2. Description:
Artesunate is a white crystalline powder odorless and almost tasteless.

3. Pharmacologic Effects:
Artesunate has an excellent anti-malarial activity on the asexual forms of malaria parasites with high, quick efficiency to bring about rapid control of an acute attack. It has advantages of no cross resistance to Chloroquine.

4. Absorption, Distribution and Excretion:
The concentration of Artesunate in plasma decreases rapidly after administered intravenously. The plasma half-life time is about 30 minutes. It distributes widely throughout the body and with high concentration in intestines, liver and kidneys. Only a small quantity of Artesunate excretes in urine and stools. It is mainly eliminated by metabolic bio-transformation.

5. Indications:
Artesunate Tablet is developed for killing the erythrocytic stage of plasmodium asexual form. It is effective to malaria caused by chloroquine resistant stain of plasmodium falciparum. Malarine can quickly and reliably control the acute attack of malaria. It is suitable to salvage the patients with pernicious malaria and treat P. falciparum malaria and P. vivax malaria. Artesunate Injection is indicated for the treatment of serious malaria infections and the patients with cerebral malaria.

6. Administration and Dosage:
Artesunate Tablets (50 mg x 12's Blister)
Doses for the treatment: Oral, 50 mg, twice per day for 5 days successively. Double doses on the first day.
Doses for Prevention of Malaria: Oral, 100mg once a week, from one week before entering malarial areas, to four weeks after leaving the area (cited from Lu FX, Yan,Y. A Handbook of Clinical Practical Drugs. Nanjing, China: Jiangsu Scientific Technologies Publication; 1996)
Doses for Children: 2mg/kg in the morning and 2mg/kg in the evening on day 1; 1mg/kg in the morning and 1mg/kg in the evening from Day 2 to Day 5.

7. Adverse Reactions:
No adverse reactions were observed with recommended dose up to now. Transient reticulocytopenia may occur when overdose of Artesunate Injection (more than 3.75 mg/kg) is given.

8. Notes:
Embryo-toxic effects were observed in some animal studies. Use Artesunate carefully in pregnant women during the first three months!

9. Storage:
Store Artesunate tablet at room temperature, 15-30C (59-86F)! Keep out of light!

10. Packing:
Artesunate Tablet: 50 mg x 12s per box.

Manufactured by
Guilin Pharmaceutical Factory
Guilin, China


(c) 1999 Canton Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
All rights reserved
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